The Box at Camden

A new production of The Box debuted last week at Camden Etcetera. We were really excited to reveal the new edge we’ve given to the characters with our newcast.

I have always been fascinated with the legs and the versatility of this piece. Since it was first written in the form of a 15 minute radio drama, it has gone through many transformations – short film, live broadcast theatre, the development of a feature length film script. It has had a cast of 6, a cast of 5, a cast of 4 and in its current form has a cast of three. It has gone from a traditional stage play to an exercise in storytelling with direct audience interaction.

I’m really proud of the piece and of the fact that several audience members in Camden said they’d chosen to come along based on reviews they’d seen from the Edinburgh Fringe website last year. To think that someone remembered that from so long ago pleases me enormously!

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