Abberline at UnvEiL

The first performance of my new show “Abberline’s Artefact” went really well, and I’m very pleased with it – especially the contribution from Penny Gkritzapi as director. This is the first time I’ve involved a director for one of my own one-man shows and it was a hugely beneficial experience. You can definitely teach an old dog some new tricks!

Abberline will be making its next appearance at the UnvEiL Festival (opens in new page) in Stratford during July. We are really excited about this one, as it’s the culmination of our MA work.

We decided to create a festival, because we didn’t want “just another end-of-year showcase” – we want to show off properly, in real performances! So UnvEiL was invented, a three-evening festival of performances lasting about 30 minutes each. Visit the UnvEil website for full details.

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