So I guess I think it was pretty great of you to vent a bit and

Shocking that this needs to be said, but absolutely no fucking racist revisionism, support for racist ideology, apologism, or any of that revolting bullshit. This will get you banned. See also, don’t be an asshole. It has been okay forever and we haven gotten together to change it yet. We shouldn expect women to do it for us because they can relate to our issues, especially since we are so bad at talking about them.So I guess I think it was pretty great of you to vent a bit and share your thoughts on this, it something we need to do more.krofinzki 2 points submitted 1 month agoThe only reason Europeans buys JD is because it cheap and then use it as an ingredients in simple drinks like jack n coke. This price increase will mean people will buy other cheaper products instead.

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