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What are you involved with at present?

“Well, there are a lot of things in the pipeline. We’ve just finished our run of Dulce et Decorum Est: The Unknown Soldier. at Edinburgh Fringe, and I’m already writing what I think will become the 2019 Fringe offering. Of course I’m doing the jobbing actor’s normal round of auditions and roles all the time, but I’m also busy creating and promoting my own work which I see as a huge part of the modern actor’s job. Through my production identity, Polymorph (, I’m working on a number of upcoming productions.”

Tell us more about that

“We’re hoping to do a production of 10 Rillington Place, my sell out 2017 Edinburgh Fringe show in London soon. It’s the story of the infamous Notting Hill murderer, John Christie. I’m also busy with writing projects.”

Such as?

“I’m currently working on a comedy, “Re-Incarnation”, which I think will end up as next year’s Fringe project and then I’m moving on to a new script, a farce this time, Robbery With Violets which we hope to be producing early next year. There are also a couple of screen projects I’m writing, including an episodic comedy/drama series, set in a funeral parlour”

Anything else?

Well, I have a few screen things coming to fruition. I took part in season 4 of the Netflix series Black Mirror, which has just been released and there is an independent horror, Blood Bride, which is currently on the festival circuit. I’m off to Australia in September, a trip which will include a week at Melbourne Fringe”


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